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research literacy

This page contains resources for professional development and outputs that are being produced as part of the ReaLiTea project. We are continually enriching this collection so make sure you visit us often.  

Our Developing Research Literacy Programme 

The ReaLiTea project aims to support language teachers develop research literacy, in any learning pathway that is most appropriate to them. To that end, we are collecting resources that can help teachers engage with published research and research their own practice. We are also developing a Open Learning course for language teachers who want to develop research literacy.

The Teacher Research Literacy Framework

We are working towards developing a framework of competences that can be used to measure research literacy. The framework can help teachers plan their personal development. It can also be used in teacher education to ensure consistent and measurable learning outcomes. 

Our Publications

We publish a variety of articles, reports, and other materials related to our research and programs. Our publications are designed to be accessible and informative, and are available to educators and researchers around the world.

Our Community

We believe that education is a collaborative process, and that educators can learn a great deal from each other. That's why we have created a community of educators who are dedicated to sharing knowledge, resources, and ideas. Join our community today and start connecting with educators from around the world.

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