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Related Projects


The ECML supported project Use of ICT in support of language teaching and learning aims to (a) promote the benefits of ICT in language education;  (b) develop a website with an inventory of reviewed tools and open educational resources; (c)
identify and review a selection of freely available ICT tools and open educational resources which support language teaching and learning; and (d) provide training and awareness-raising workshops for teachers, education stakeholders and multipliers, focusing on self-training in the use of ICT.


Mental ill-health among students at higher education institutions is a growing challenge throughout Europe. Lecturers, on the other hand, are often not yet sufficiently sensitised to this issue or are simply overwhelmed by it in their already demanding day-to-day work. Yet they often play a key role for the students concerned in successfully completing their studies. With this in mind, SUNMENTORS aims to develop flexible training programmes for lecturers at universities and colleges in order to better support students experiencing mental health problems. In addition to the joint development of training modules, the participating European educational institutions will also engage in a fundamental dialogue on the design of inclusive learning environments with regard to mental health. Furthermore, all participating universities and colleges will be motivated to develop holistic institutional strategies for more inclusive learning environments with regard to the mental health of their students.


The Collaborative Action Research Network (CARN) is committed to supporting and improving the quality of professional practice, through systematic, critical, and creative inquiry into the goals, processes and contexts of professional work


The main objective of the DigiLTE project is to digitally transform language teacher education practices in the partnering institutions and beyond by systematically drawing on data-informed evidence that the DigiLTE project team retrieves from the conversation analytic investigations into the actual higher education language classrooms. The DigiLTE project, therefore, sets out to create a video-based, digitally-enhanced, data-led, and evidence-based language teacher education environment.


MenTRnet (Mentoring Teacher-Research Network) is an international community of practice bringing together mentors of teacher-research in the field of English language teaching for speakers of other languages. With a particular focus on the promotion of Exploratory Action Research, the network now numbers 200 members. The network organizes a five-week series of workshops on mentoring teacher-research each year, as well as monthly support group meetings. It also promotes publication opportunities for teacher-researchers and mentors. Together with IATEFL Research SIG, MenTRnet organizes the annual Teacher Research! conference and an associated online event for mentors to showcase their work. During 2024–25, MenTRnet is also organizing an International Festival of Mentoring Teacher-Research, with a series of webinars by members.


The ELLeN project focuses on teacher education, especially English as a foreign language (EFL) teacher education. It helps to prepare (future) teachers for the neurodiverse classroom by drawing on expertise within neurodivergent communities and expertise of stakeholders in inclusive education, utilizing an approach known as inquiry based learning.


The Teacher Research Literacy (TREL): Comparative Trajectories in the Nordic-Baltic Region project aims to be a professional learning network in which participants engage in collaborative and reflective dialogue about research to generate critical inquiry, reflection, and continuous professional learning.


The Research SIG brings together practitioners and researchers who share a common interest: research into real classroom issues. We offer members the opportunity to engage with accessible and relevant research via webinars, online discussion groups and publications. The SIG has created an international community of practice via outreach projects with other teacher associations around the world. By demystifying research, and encouraging teacher-driven projects, the SIG promotes research conducted with, by and for teachers (and their students).

AI Write

AI Write is an Erasmus+ funded project that aims to revolutionise the landscape of academic writing in English through the development of innovative teaching approaches and supporting materials that leverage AI tools.

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