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Welcome to ReaLiTea 

ReaLiTea stands for Research Literacy of Teachers. It seeks to enhance the research and teaching skills of pre-service and in-service foreign and second language educators. Our focus is to bridge the gaps between theories and practices, meet the needs of marginalized learners, and improve critical literacies in teacher education and in foreign and second language teaching and learning. 

Gestaltung am Tablet

About ReaLiTea

ReaLiTea is an Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership (KA-220) that has, at its core, the professionalization of pre-service and in-service foreign and second language teachers around the world. The goal of ReaLiTea is to develop teachers' research literacies to strengthen the connections between second language education theory and classroom practice. By engaging in research-related activities, educators reflect on what they do in their classrooms, identifying issues related to both equity and efficacy. Educational practice is improved for all learners.

The ReaLiTea Team

ReaLiTea brings together the strengths of an international research team from seven universities. The consortium includes the Technical University of Dortmund, the Universities of Bergen, Stuttgart, Thessaly, Vienna and York, the Social Sciences University of Ankara, and the OASIS project.  

Latest Publications

Lost in research: educators' attitudes towards research and professional development

This article reports on a questionnaire-based study that examined how educators in Austria conceptualise research, how they engage with academic literature and what attitudes they have towards academic development. 

ReaLiTea in the News

Vi er i Norge!

Presentation of the ReaLiTea project at the University of Stavanger

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